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Take Care of Your Mental Health

This month is mental health awareness month, and it is so important that we take time to take care of our mental health! I just want to take some time to remind you that YOU ARE GREAT, YOU ARE LOVED, and YOU ARE AMAZING. You are not your past so do not give up on your dreams and goals. If you put your mind to it, you can do it create the life you want to live!

Often we find ourselves reliving the what if syndrome and that can keep up caught up in the past. I know for me I have had plenty of “what ifs” and all they have done is kept me distracted from the present. What ifs will only keep you in a negative place and will cause you to beat yourself up when there is no way to change what has already happened. We must remember that the past is the past and stay focused on the things that we are currently doing and accomplishing.

Here are a few tips from the CDC on how to be kind to your mind:

Be Kind to Your Mind

Tips to cope with stress during COVID-19

1 PAUSE. Breathe. Notice how you feel

2 TAKE BREAKS from COVID-19 content

3 MAKE TIME to sleep and exercise

4 REACH OUT and stay connected

5 SEEK HELP if overwhelmed or unsafe

Love you all and see you again next week!


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